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Purple Nanny
Vegan Retailer
What they offer
independent retailer of cruelty-free and vegan products.
Here at Purple Nanny, I am making it my mission to source stock which has not been tested on animals. I am striving to protect our planet, and make efforts to find eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items where I can.

Food and Drink, supplements, gifts, pet care, greeting cards, baby care, beauty and home and garden.

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A local artist offering British made, bold and beautiful home furnishings, textiles and giftware.
What they offer

15% discount to Devon/Dorset residents

Just order online with the discount code DEVONDORSET

Ordering & Delivery

Orders are sent via royal mail.

Champernhayes Flowers & Foliage
Lovely bouquets of flowers, the perfect gifts. Locally grown flowers and foliage
What they offer

Zanna Hoskins is a florist and grower of flowers and foliage. She runs Champernhayes Flowers & Foliage, a 1.5acre flower farm in Wootton Fitzpaine, specialising in foliage, shrubs and flowers. She has many years of experience of floristry for events such as weddings, as well as being an experienced teacher. She runs floristry courses throughout the year, sharing her love of nature and her knowledge of both field-grown and foraged plants, making the most of scent, colour, texture and form to create her arrangements.

Ordering & Delivery

Lovely bouquets of flowers are available for £30 (including delivery) within a 5 mile radius from DT6 6DF.

The flowers come wrapped in brown paper and may be left on the doorstep in a jam jar. Paper does not retain the virus for long apparently, but the jam jar should probably be left outside. I will sanitise my hands before making, packaging and delivering the flowers.