Bringing the Jurassic Coast Together

Jurassic Coast Delivers was put together in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of our local small businesses, farmers and producers who were reliant on service industries such as the restaurant trade as their main customer base are now looking at ways to diversify in these unprecedented times.

As consumers we are able to support these business by ordering direct for home deliveries and at the same time reducing the amount of unnecessary journeys that we need to make.

This helps to reinforce the stay at home message and to prevent the spread of the virus as items are delivered contactless to your door or in the case of online classes, via the internet.

This site was produced to provide a basic repository of local businesses who now deliver and provide online services in our area, creating a directory that enables us all to easily see who is delivering what, where and when.

More and more local business are looking to innovate and adapt to the ever changing circumstances so over the coming weeks and months we will aim to give the most up to date information and to help our community by connecting us with these suppliers and in turn the suppliers to us.

If you would like to see your company featured on our website please get in touch.